Social Justice Engagement Form

There are many who are interested in making a change in their community and not sure where to start.  MOH has started a few initiaives to educate our members and the community in efforts to encourage change.   If you are interested in being apart of positive change, read through each initiative, select the one you want to be apart of and please fill out the form below.

Community Engagement

This team seeks to engagem the community to achieve long-term goals and tear down systemic oppression of the black community through activisim and collaboration with other like-minded community groups and members.

Education and Therapy

This team works to develop educational programs that support the mental health and wellness of the black community and develop strategies that effect change on our educational system.

Finance and Economics

This team works to educate and empower individuals, families, and small businesses in the black community by increasing financial literacy and providing resources and solutions that can deliver more confidence in protecting and building wealth.

Government Relations

Build a bridge between our local government and the black community  to initiate and support the fight against racial injustice.  Ensuring that the churhc has a presence and voice in city council meetings.  Making efforts to maintain a health relationship between the church and the government officials.


This involves engagment in the most recent updates to events, laws and petitions that we need to have insight to.

Voter Registration

Participants work with leaders in planning and implementing strategic initiatives that improve voter registration and voter access in the community.  This includes education, events, community assessment and more.`